Battle programmer shirase fansite

BPS is hilarious; this page is dedicated to blabbery about it and prospects for a second series. A second series is needed!

Minecraft server

Our minecraft server details. Should be able to answer questions such as "Is the mod running?" and everyone's favourite "Has the minecraft server crashed due to tnt?". If you haven't been on, you should have ^^. Give it a few seconds to load because it has to fetch the logfiles to sho you what's going on.

Things which look like they're from Fallout

Usually things from the fifties which look like they belong in the game.


These are episodes of Pingu with interpretations of what they are saying. Quite popular on youtube a while ago, but has since been removed.


None as of yet but, there may be at some point.

The Archive

Assortment of sites that have died. They reside in a peaceful coffin(virtual private server) in the netherlands only to be occasionally roused when curiosity stirs.

FFS Dean!

Historical piece worth a few lols. News about dean on demand We all know dean has some kind of a disability but its getting worse. just look what happened when i tried to help him download guild wars.

Final Fantasy IRC

Another Historical piece, this is the old finalfantasyirc.net irc network page. It probably peaked at around a dizzying 10 users, which kind of pales compared to freenode.