- very angry and aggressive indeed!

We all love pingu and the creators have left it up to ourselves to interpret what they say.
This page is all the pingu episodes ive interpreted, Most of the footage is on video sites such as dailymotion and youtube. But for those of you who would like to store them on your computer and view them quickly whenever you desire. You can download them here.
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NEWS Look what i now have, its so beautiful. limited edition collectors super happy edition with green penguins and has the pingu seal. <3 <3 <3 Need all the pingu dvds tbh.

|EPISODE DOWNLOAD AREA| All episodes are around 50mb ENJOY!

(right click and choose save as on the download links or it might just stream the video)

pingu - very angry and aggressive indeed ep 1  ^(-.-)>|DOWNLOAD|<(-.-)^

pingu - very angry and aggressive indeed ep 2  ^(-.-)>|DOWNLOAD|<(-.-)^


Q: what do you mean by ping! >>

A: ping is basically when a computer sends a message to another computer to verify it exists. So if you ping and there's a reply that means the computer that is hosted on is online!! Hooray if it replies! And oh dear if it doesn't.

^pinging (ouch, look at those times)

Q: why should i do it

A:*shrugs* because pingu shouts it.

Q: how do i do it?

A: its highly likely you're running windows. If so go to start > run > type cmd > then type ping in the box. all done

Q: what did you use to make the videos.

A: a Program called ulead. quite good.

If for some reason you want to send me an email its vivi(at the domain)