Patches etc

It's nice and friendly to contribute. particularly if what you're contributing to is provided free of charge and nothing is hidden (more on that here). So trying to get into the habit of regularly making contributions to f/OSS projects is an important goal. Here are some contributions and at the moment.

It's a small list, however, it should hopefully steadily grow as time passes. I doubt in it's current state it is a useful for bragging, but could help if a patch is still being accepted and people want it now, the patch has been rejected (Oh noes!!) or someone wants to apply it to an older version of the software in question.

Moreover, it's all my code so if an individual is so inclined, they can review the code and provide a review (e.g. don't use x because it is depreciated/ rogers so and so or you've got a whitespace on line 23). The project page also contains code that can be reviewed.

Check out entries under the "Software Contributions" catagory on the blog. They're all listed there.