4/08/2012 .:: MEGAFAIL .:: <(-.-)^

Oh god, I've failed in updating the site. It's been over a year. MEGAFAIL! On a lighter note, I've played through FF9 partially, and have been adding to the Vivi bio section. It's a bit fractured and has been written during play, but it'll probably be put in, in whatever state it is and then taken from there.

An 'Archive' section will also be added in respones to the free web hosting site fortunecity has also recently gone down, taking the "Ah King's FF8" site down with it. Now this site is over 13 years old and.... I don't know, it's just like a relic and has considerable sentimental value, it's one of the first sites I remember visiting and was useful when playing the game. Additional FF related sites will also be added, feel free to suggest one, if it's not gargantuan, it will probably be added.

30/05/2011 .:: Little bit more to the BPS section, plenty more to do though .:: ^(-.-)^

-Few updates here and there, bps site - still looking for an existing petition before creating one. Beginning to doubt there is one, but do point it out if you; dear reader, find one. Also began page with encountered items that look like they belong in fallout .

01/05/2011 .:: Old site gone, half baked site here! .:: <(0.0)^

The site has been a bit stagnant as in there have been no updates in two years which is shameful. Although the main topic is vivi and the black mages from ffIX, there are also plenty of unrelated things and updates have been made to most areas. Site has been redone from scratch. Somewhat basic, but structurally it is much nicer and easier to make site wide changes (love php includes & CSS). Additions include a image board which people can post their own ffIX related pics or anything else really, some of my scribbles which have been scanned in and used as headers etc. There have been additions here and there so have a flip through.

Vivi stuff is rubbish, show me the tutorials, code, pingu and the forum. - ...Yeah, it's probably unsurprising and amusing the mentioned topics are the main things which draw people to this place. Things to look forward to in this catagory are an arduino based thorndike box, more patches (related to whatever project is amusing me at that moment in time), more pingu and some of my own software I'm working on.

Web 2.0 = make everything look like it's a chewy sweet - Comment boxes have been added to several areas, so whether a visitor would like to say "dis syte iz shit, fnl fntasy is gay" or have some sort of argument on the sociobiology of the black mages based on the hatchery in black mage village, they can do so. There's also an image board where some ffiX images may show up.