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~*Finalfantasyirc *~

Finalfantasyirc is an IRC (Internet relay chat) network dedicated to final fantasy. Although final fantasy is the main focus, it is also a place for people with similar interests such as anime, computers, RPG's etc. So why not drop by at irc.finalfantasyirc.net or even better start your own channel ;). If you don't know what IRC is or want to learn more about finalfantasyirc, look at the FAQ.


~* Timeline*~

2 october 2007: test.

21 january 2007: Finalfantasyirc has been down for a few days as it had to move location and the server is now a Poweredge sc1425. Everything is running now, the site has been updated, New free BNC service available. Look at the FAQ for more info.

8th august 2006:  Installed a forum

4th august 2006: Created bots for botserv. If you desire a bot with a particular name. email finalfantasyirc with the request or just say so in the channel

26th july 2006: Remade website.

13th July 2006: Services installed.

5th July 2006: Installed Webchat.

4th July 2006:   ircd running./server irc.finalfantasyirc.net, currently contemplating whether anope services will be installed.

25th June 2006:  ircd installed, configuring config file :P.

17th June 2006:  finalfantasyirc.net started.   


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