Biography (Draft) _spoiler alert_

Full Name: Vivi Ornitier - Black mage
Age: 9


This is a work in progress and hopes to provide a summary of Vivi throughout the game. His actions, feelings and general things related to vivi. This is chronological and is broken up quite nicely so you can read it in nice chunks.

The Beginning

You start the game controlling Zidane in the theatre ship, but in no time at all, you're in control of Vivi and wondering around a city called Alexandria abritrarily picking up items and being knocked to the floor.


Vivi's primary reason for visiting Alexandria seems to be because he wishes to see the play "I want to be your canary". Top tip for this section is not to get knocked to the floor and robbed by Allyway jack in the back alley. There's also an overweight hippo bitch in the hotel who pins you in a corner claiming she's "busy busy busy" - so watch out for those two (you'll know them when you see them).

Unfortuanetly he soon finds out he has a fake ticket and resorts to becoming a slave to watch the play and sneaks in through the rooftop of the theatre. The first moogle is encountered here and so is Stinkzisten, the travelling moogle. The moogle informs Vivi on how to save and explains that Stinkzisten is a "very special friend" - interpret that however you wish.

The Evil Forest

While being shot at, he then flies from Alexandria with Zidane & co in an airship but gets shot down by queen Brahme due to Zidane stealing Garnett, and lands in a forest. Vivi and Garnett are bucked off the ship during the crash and end up being attacked by a tentacled plant monster which capture both Vivi and Garnet. Fortunately, Steiner and Zidane arrive just in time to defeat the monster and rescue them.

Inseminated in the forest by a monster - seeded batch

During the attack Vivi was seeded (or inseminated) by the tentacled monster, becomes quite ill and believes he may die. Luckily Blank saves the day by giving Vivi a potion which removes the seeds and he is soon back on his feet. This is quite interesting as Steiner appears to revere black mages and from this point referst to Vivi as "Master Vivi" due to his "unimaginable powers". Shortly after Vivi & co depart from the evil forest and head to the nearby ice cavern. Be sure to pay attention at this point as it is rather amusing when Vivi gets sleepy and falls into a ditch followed by all the others. This is before the boss battle with the first black waltz which is due to said black waltz trying to kill the group by distributing a sleeping gas/spell and hoping the cold would do the rest.

Black Waltz attacks!

The black waltz is shortly defeated by zidane and the group move to the village of Dali. When Vivi first reaches Dali, he is taunted by some children. Many people may just think they are doing this because Vivi is relatively quite an unusual figure. However, later on it seems clear that the cause of this taunting is deeper. Dali is a factory for making black mages which unlike Vivi appear to have limited communicative abilities are are somewhat similar to zombies. The children were probably scared of him due to their parents telling them black mages were puppets or something similar. Later on vivi is captured by the factory workers who assume he is an escaped black mage from the factory. They realise Vivi is different as they say he looks different from the others but this doesn't appear to phase them. Shortly after Vivi's capture, Zidane walks near a pipe, which is probably a chimney or vent and hears Vivi crying and soon comes to Vivis rescue along with Dagger/Garnet (She will be referred to Garnet from now on. Dagger was a terrible alias, no idea why it was chosen).

Encountering other black mages for the first time

Vivi escapes from his box he becomes very distraught when he sees the black mages under the village of Dali being born from eggs. As you progress through the factory in Dali, vivi sees black mages coming off a production line. The main query Vivi seems to have is whether the black mages bear a similarity or difference to him. At this point you can give your own opinion on the matter e.g. yes you do, or no you don't(mind you it only illicits a different response and doesn't actually impact the story -- it's final fantasy!).

They're walking - but not talking

This seems to be the point where Vivi's motivation to follow the party comes in.

Start of Disk 2: Black Mage Village

When Vivi discovers the Black mage village (Download song), the story starts to focus more on Vivi and the origin of the black mages. And he soon finds that black mages have a very short lifespan of around 2 years but Kuja explains because Vivi was a prototype it resulted in him living longer than ordinary mages. Vivi is said to be aware and different in size to the other black mages as he was the prototype and is different in many ways. he also seems to be the most powerful mage in the game as he defeats the black waltzes.

Vivi also has a mind of his own and is much more aware of societies morals, values and norms (although the black mages in the village are trying their best to conform to this :) ), whereas even the aware black mages are nowhere as near as experienced as Vivi as they partake tasks such as selling goods to people and renting rooms very warily and seem to be unsure about what they are doing. for example when going to an inn the black mage innkeeper is unsure about how to treat customers. The innkeeper also has a gramophone and has no idea what it does. Vivi & co soon tell him and he is amazed.

Vivi is mainly very quiet and shy through the game although Kuja is the character who gets the most emotion out of Vivi and says things such as you're "a puppet" and a "toy" for destruction and war.

Vivi Q & A

Q :What does Vivi look like without his hat on?

A :Your guess is as good as mine.

Q :What does Vivi's Body look like under his clothes?

A :I have no idea whatsoever, my guess is that its similar to his face. kind of ghostly black.

Q : Why is Vivi's middle area really pointy in this picture, I mean seriously whats going on really?

A : Ffs you ask me this question all the time. I don't know why its like that, I know what you want me to say but Im not going to, this is a childrens site, so stop asking!

Q :Where did Vivi come from?

A :How Vivi was born seems to be from one of the machines that ordinary black mages come from and he seems to have been adopted at an early age by a  Qu (A large clownish race obsessed with food, the same species as Quina) he refers to as grandpa. Kuja explains to him that he's merely a puppet and a prototype of the black mage soldiers which is why he's younger and looks different, although this is probably the truth the idea is still challenged by some.

Q :What is a black mage?

A :Vivi is a black mage, which means he is a mage which specialises in offensive magic such as fire and death. which is ironic as Vivi is one of the most peaceful and non violent characters in the game. Black mages typically have the same appearance in final fantasy ix but they differ in others final fantasy games. For example Lulu in final fantasy x, is a black mage yet she looks nothing like Vivi.

<< visually quite a large difference between them

Q :How does Vivi meet Zidane and co

A :Well basically Vivi is being chased by some guards and sets Garnets/daggers dress on fire by accident and then Zidane becomes intrigued by him and calls him a "powerful little guy/mage" and asks Vivi to join him.

Q :Why doesn't Vivi choose to stay and live with the black mages, wouldn't that be better for him?

A : Vivi considers this option but decides to carry on with the group as Vivi is after the "truth" and seems to want to know more information about himself and the black mages.

Q: Who is that Rat kid Vivi is with at the start of the game?

A: He is called puck. A runaway heir to the throne of Burmecia who doesn't want to be king for some reason and just wants to explore.

If you disagree with anything I have written or wish to modify this in any way i would welcome any modifications, they can email them to me.