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Battle programmer shirase is an anime which revolves around a freelance programmer named Akira Shirase. The majority of his adventures involve helping individuals with any computer related problems they may have. Shirase is widely regarded as a computer genius and his skills are widely saught after.

Although, this may sound dull to those not interested in computers. I'd argue that it caters for a wide audience as shirase gets into all sorts of entertaining situations (e.g. Shirase being kidnapped by a transvestite) , yet still contains jokes directly aimed at computer enthusiasts. My favourite being "Super double compile" which makes made think of gcc with optimization flags. I won't elaborate any further at this point as it's best just to watch. May add to this later.

The first episode!

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Series 2.

During the last episode, the writers indicated there may be a second series of the anime which; judging from the characters appearance, would be around 10 years after the first series. When taking into consideration that BPS was originally aired in 2003 and factors such as it being a relatively unknown anime (it's not even licenced :/), the prospect of a second series being made unfortunately appears dire.

Not all hope is lost though, when looking around for more information on a second series I spotted the following comment.

This made me think of petitions, yes I'm sure you're scoffing at the idea, but at least it's something and maybe the right people may spot it and if there's enough numbers, make a second series :O. So what are you waiting for, sign it :D! Sign the petition for series 2! I also noticed information on the anime is pretty sparse so here's a little directory of some other information regarding BPS.


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