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This page links to some archived final fantasy related sites that are useful or due to sentimental value. For instance Ah kings ff8 was one of the first sites I remember visiting and was useful for the SeeD exam answers. I recently found out that fortunecity (a free hosting service) was going down.

Judging from the site last being updated about a decade ago, the author will probably not host it elsewhere. Therefore it's kept here in order to prevent it from being lost into oblivion! Saying that, a broken version will probably be stored on but without images etc.

Please note these are not modified in any way and are in their original state and were retrieved using wget.

Date mirrored Name Description

27/07/2012 Ah Kings FF8 - Slightly useful if you're going through ff8, mostly for the first few tests and weapon cretion. You've got to just love the retro site design and gifs (circa 1999).

13/01//2012 - Site seems ancient, but there are a few interesting tid bits on it, particularly the merchandise. Also the sort of site that is incredibly nostalgic!

Have any suggested sites?

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